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I have been asked for some time to provide many “long form” courses online that do not fit the 1.5 – 2 hour format for our monthly ConsultDrA webinars. In order to do this I set up a new platform and have partnered with AANP to have these course series pre-approved for CE credit. These courses are multi-sectioned and are generally between 3 and 12 credit hours long.

First they are longer and give more CE.

Second we pay AANP per hour for CE and have to renew yearly so we pay a great deal annually to keep the content here and on ConsultDrA accredited.

And Third, the production, research and accreditation time is much greater than a shorter webinar.

YES! As a subscriber you pay 50% of the regular rate.

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Yes. We are working on a physician certification program. Stay tuned for information.

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Emergency Medicine for the Medical Office

AANP Approved


3 sections, 1.5 hours each for a total of 4.5 CMEs!

Office medical emergencies can come in many forms, and require basic but focused assessment and response for optimum output.
Having managed emergency situations in hospitals, clinics and on Interstate Highways – as well as having taught emergency medicine for many years – I intend this presentation to get right to the main points physicians need in such situations.
After years of troubleshooting physician response failures in emergencies I have synthesized a fast track program to update and make any office fast, efficient and effective in an emergency situation.

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