Paul S. Anderson, NMD

Dr. Paul S Anderson is a naturopathic physician and CEO of the Anderson Medical Group which includes Advanced Medical Therapies, a state of the art medical center providing fully compliant IV, Hyperbaric and Mild Hyperthermia therapies and a medical education company. He is a graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and began instructing at medical schools in the early 1990’s.

He has participated in NIH funded research in integrative oncology and formerly held the rank of Full Professor at Bastyr University. He is a well-known continuing education presenter with areas of specialty in complex clinical medicine, intravenous and injection medicine, oncology and genomics. 

As an author he is co-author of the Hay House book “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” with Dr. Mark Stengler as well as a co-author with Jack Canfield in the anthology “Success Breakthroughs” and numerous peer and public publications in science and health. 

His mission in creating, growing and mentoring Advanced Medical Therapies clinic is to provide a real life extension of his purpose “To Share Pioneering thought which benefits the Health of Others”.